D&L Carpet Cleaning

D&L Carpet Cleaning Does More Than Just Clean Carpets

After five years of being in the industry, D&L Carpet Cleaning is excited to bring their expertise to residential and commercial customers in Durango, Colorado. We offer flawless services that are outlined below.

It doesn’t matter what type of carpet, D&L Carpet Cleaning has your back. We will make any carpet attractive and fresh again–even those that you think aren’t salvageable. Give us a call now and say goodbye to that embarrassing carpet!

Are you tired of spending hours trying to clean your tile floors only to find there are stains you can’t remove? We’ve got you covered. D&L Carpet Cleaning can also bring you that spotless tile floor you’ve been aiming for. We have the tools to remove all of those persistent stains.

In addition to simply cleaning floors, we will also make your furniture just as faultless to match. We recognize that floors aren’t the only important aspect of a clean, aesthetically-pleasing home or business. Rely on us to perfect the entire area.

We don’t just stop at carpet cleaning. D&L Carpet Cleaning can also install brand new carpets! Give us a call and we will put in your new carpets today!


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